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Pineland Townhomes

Raleigh, NC - Multi-Family Project

Principal: Andrew Osterlund

Project Manager: Joe Kasztelan

Consultants: Maple Engineering, Schneider Structural Engineers, Site Collaborative

Owner: KR Property Group, LLC

Project Description:

Located in Raleigh, Pineland housing comprises four residential townhome units. Designing closely with the client, we came up with a design that has living and dining accommodations on the ground floor, along with (2) and (1) car garages in the back, (2) bedrooms on the second floor, and a spacious master bedroom suite on the top floor. Each floor is designed to have outdoor components. The ground floor has an uncovered deck at the entrance, the second floor has an uncovered deck located in the back of the units, and the top floor has a private covered patio in the front that is right off the master bedroom. One of the key design components of these units was to allow adequate natural light into the spaces, especially in the middle units. So we created lightwells that bring light into the top two floors. Located on a relatively large 20,000-square-foot site, each unit will also have its own private detached backyard space that resides beyond the shared driveway.