Winning Awards

May 13, 2022

We think a lot about how to grow the firm, and it’s not that there are so many options: Hiring is difficult and rare. But more, we want to grow by being intentional. We dream of being intentional! There are firms who celebrate when they turn down work ... and that just seems rude. We still celebrate every phone call, every new introduction. We want to make decisions beyond just filling our pipeline. Or, maybe the calls right now are the lucky ones! We still pour our heart into it all - and we still have the time to say yes, and I'd say yes more often if I could.

So, growth right now is simply (not simply) teaching our people to do more, and me learning to do a little bit less, more often. It's the reflection time that seems to matter most - the rest is fast reaction.

Today, one of our designers said that he could hear the plans speaking to him. I tried to praise him for his work, for a presentation that succeeded, for a design in a room that met the clients’ needs, for a presentation that met needs more than the fear of cost - our designer witnessed a miracle happen in a conference, and he gave the credit to the plans themselves. And, there’s no greater definition of design, except maybe to hear the Voice of the Divine, than to know that you drew what the plans were demanding from you!

And so, we're growing our firm! Our firm is growing. We’re buying more desks, I would order more computers if we had names to sit in the chairs and hope that we stay ahead of the global chip shortage.

We’re having a good week. And there's not much better out there, than having a good week. Here's to Friday coming, here’s to waiting for cash flow to follow the work.

A staff member today asked when we'll win an award! Well, maybe later. For now, let’s take the "W" for a good week. That’s good news enough. And, tomorrow's Friday, Friday is the day we sort out what really happened.