• Hospitals and Airports

    Hospitals and Airports

    January 27, 2017

    Hospitals and airports – these places don’t feel like Architecture.  Being in an airport is more like swimming.  The scale,…

  • EBZ


    September 4, 2016

    Place-making is among the more helpful definitions of what Architects do.  Had a conversation with a good friend this week, who…

  • You're a Terrible Architect

    You're a Terrible Architect

    February 13, 2016

    That was the first sentence of an email I received from a client, after two years of project changes, stalls, and billing issues brought me to…

  • Window in a Tall Building

    Window in a Tall Building

    January 20, 2016

    My mind tends to be over-introspective by habit, and a new year is the time to endorse that habit, to hide away in a warm corner of a quiet…

  • Open House

    October 27, 2015

    Our 7th anniversary and our new office space. Plenty to celebrate, and we’d like to celebrate with you! We’re having an…