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Emery Village

Concord, NC - Multi-Family Project

Project Status: Construction Administration

Principal: Andrew Osterlund

Project Manager: Joe Kasztelan

Consultants: Maple Engineering, Site Collaborative

Owner: Emery Village Apartments LLC

Project Description:

Emery Village is a 129-unit apartment complex located in Concord, N.C. that includes four apartment buildings; a pool and pool house; and a leasing/fitness center. Making this project cohesive required a special level of coordination with our team of consultants. We worked closely with site designers, structural engineers, and PME (Plumbing, Mechanical, Electrical) engineers in order to make our beginning vision a reality. One of the key aspects to our design are exterior hallways that run through the middle of each apartment building. These hallways are composed of a fiberglass grating system, so light can penetrate through each floor. The roof is mainly open through the hallways, with few roof connections, to allow as much natural light throughout the buildings.